[Korea Exposé:2017.06.01] Young Pioneers for New Kind of Sex Ed

"Meet Woori, the group of young pioneers"

이선재 · 2017년 06월 05일

메디아티의 4호 투자사 코리아 엑스포제에서 메디아티 파트너 프로그램에 참여 중인 woori팀을 인터뷰한 기사가 실렸네요. 분야도, 타깃 독자도 각기 다른 다양한 미디어 스타트업들이 함께 사무실을 쓰며 좋은 시너지를 내는 모습을 볼 때 메디아티는 가장 보람을 느낀답니다.

Young Pioneers for New Kind of Sex Ed라는 이름이 꽤 그럴 듯 하죠? 성, 사랑, 사람에 대한 자율적 담화가 활발한 세상을 만들고자 하는 woori. 이들의 이야기가 더 궁금하신 분들은 코리아 엑스포제의 기사를 참고해 주세요!

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Meet Woori, the group of young pioneers who want to change South Korea's sex education, and aren't afraid to come out and say loud and clear: SEX. MASTURBATION. CONDOMS.

"Woori’s videos are entertaining but informative, using props including pink balloon clitorises, popcorn-ejaculating bananas, dragonfruit vaginas and menstruating ketchup bottles to provide myth-busting guides to female masturbation and other issues that previously lurked in the shadows unexplored by social discourse. They also use sit-down interviews with young Koreans to sound out opinions on key issues like sex on first dates, sexual fantasies and how to react if your partner watches porn."

KÉ: You seem to have started by filming interviews with people on less full-on subjects, like dating and love, then moved on to issues like porn watching and masturbation. Was that a deliberately gradual approach?

YH: We wanted to start with something mild in case it put off our viewers, but when we tried talking about sex itself, we found that wasn’t the case at all. Now we just talk about everything.

Maet-dol (MD): In South Korea, if you talk about sex, people [often] think it’s lewd. So they’re reluctant to talk about it even if they like it.