Which Open Source Ecommerce Platform Should You Choose?

Which Open Source Ecommerce Platform Should You Choose?

April 13, 2017, 1 Mins Read.

With the rapid growth in internet usage on mobile devices, the ecommerce market is skyrocketing in Australia.

According to eMarketer, buyer penetration in Australia for ecommerce market is 79.4 %, only Japan being ahead with 82% in the Asia Pacific region.

There are a number of reasons that account for this burgeoning trend, which we will discuss in details in our upcoming article. What are the reasons which motivate business owners to choose a particular ecommerce platform, especially for small to medium-sized business owners who have limited resources and budget?

We have conducted research on 6 open source ecommerce platforms in terms of the number of sites currently running, payment gateways support, programming language, database system, licence type, feature list, etc to gain a better understanding on what motivated someone to choose one platform above another.

According to sales intelligence and lead generation software service provider, among the 6 ecommerce platforms up until April 11, 2016, highest number of websites running on top of WooCommerce are 535,892 and the lowest is 35, 831 on osCommerce.

Let’s have a look at the details:

open source cms comparision infographic

Here is the important takeaway from our analysis:

  1. Although it’s difficult to determine the exact figure still it gives a good insight into the approximate number of websites which are powered by a particular platform.
  2. Supported payment gateways play a vital role in the online store management system. So it’s worth to have a look at the supported payment gateway options.
  3. The level of technical skill of the person, who will manage and update the system, is very crucial to effectively handle and leverage the features of the platform.
  4. Almost all open source ecommerce platforms are packed with features. However, you should pick the one which will best serve the purpose of your specific business goal.

Need help with choosing the right platform? Please send your project details with goals and budget to our ecommerce development team.

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