It’s a cloud-based workforce compliance software and business tool with Android and iOS apps.


Human Resource Management


Web app and Mobile app

Project Summary

The client runs a courier service business. They needed a platform to manage a range of human resource issues and different aspects of the courier service. Some of these aspects included staying up to date with compliance, knowing when licenses are due for renewal, employee management, and performance tracking. What they needed was a cloud-based solution that makes it easy to keep track of everything. We proposed a web app for this purpose. We also proposed a mobile app for employee induction and management.

Technologies Used


Angular is an open-source web app framework developed by Google. It was one of the frameworks we used for building the web app of Undivide.


ReactNative is an open-source mobile app framework developed by Facebook. It offers native platform capabilities which are crucial for building Android and iOS apps.


SQLServer is a database management system that was at the core of our development arsenal for Undivide. It facilitates storing and retrieving data from a database for any number of software.


.Net is a software framework developed by Microsoft. It is the go-to solution for developing software for devices running Microsoft Windows.

Client Overview

The client has a successful courier service business. He has been running it efficiently since inception but struggled with compliance-related issues. While trying to get a grip on these, he came up with the idea of Undivide. He wanted absolute control of his entire business in one place. Since he saw tremendous potential in Undivide, he asked us to modify the solution so that other companies can benefit from it.

Key Challenges

Undivide had to be compatible with a wide range of software such as DocuSign and fit2work. We had to develop several APIs for it so that it functions as a comprehensive solution.

Since it offered a ton of features, making it customisable was one of the biggest hurdles. This customisation was necessary for other companies to address their unique needs.

An effective monitoring system was one of the pillars of Undivide. It had to be able to present employee data from the database in a way that made decision making easier for the company admins.

The logic behind the access control system had to be simple yet all-encompassing. Implementing these logics in the code base of Undivide while ensuring the functionality of other components of the solution was another massive challenge.

The mobile app had to sync correctly and communicate well with the database and monitoring system effectively. This was crucial to make the induction process smoother.


As part of this project, we developed a cloud-based web app and a mobile app which would act as complementary elements.

We developed the foundation of the web app with .Net, Angular, and SQLServer. These frameworks support all the required features and smooth data fetching from the database of a company.

For the mobile app, we used ReactNative. Since it is a cross-platform mobile app development framework, the time required to build two versions of the app for Android and iOS was significantly lowered.

Since Undivide needed to integrate with multiple 3rd party solutions, we developed the required APIs, which were load-tested and passed our extensive standards.

Development Process

For the completion of Undivide, we relied on Agile methodology. The entire process required several iterations, each with a set of sub-iterations. At the end of every iteration, our development team tested the code structure to ensure the guidelines from the business team were being met. The foresight of our experienced team allowed the Undivide foundation to be so sophisticated that there was enough room for additional features.

Final Result

Undivide is undoubtedly one of the toughest projects we saw through. However, we managed to glide our way through every objective thanks to our experienced team and systematic development process. Thus, at the time of project handover, Undivide worked just as smoothly as the client desired. Developing Undivide taught us many things which are helping us handle even more complex projects with greater efficiency.

Client's Review

“We reached out to WebAlive as a startup in 2017. Team at WebAlive worked with us from concept stage to make us an enterprise level compliance management software. Everyone involved, worked as if we were one organisation, one team, with commitment and passion. Thank you team at WebAlive”

Mohan Perera