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Fast Track

Fast Track Physiotherapy aims at improving the performance and
preventing injuries for athletes. It targets sport-specific treatment sessions and provides game-side advice.

They offer a program that provides individual control over the body to every athlete who seeks new heights. The programs comprise of physical as well as mental fitness routines.

With a 98% approval rating from parents, carefully curated programs are offered at a fraction of the cost of similar programs.



  • Though several schools were using the programs, there was no integration of student verification features.
  • The exercises were not linked to the past medical history of the students, causing the programs to showcase exercises that were not possible for the student to practice.
  • The normal values for individual tests could not be edited, which created an issue with the calculation of various test values.
  • No algorithm was established around exercise and equipment linking.
  • As a result, the exercises could not be customised according to the scope of schools’ sporting facilities.

Our Solution

We addressed the student verification challenge by sending out an activation link to the parents. A past medical history questionnaire was created for the students.

Based on the questionnaire, every exercise and test were linked to the medical history which confirmed that only the relevant exercises were suggested to the students.

The schools were provided with an additional option of uploading a list of equipment they possess. Doing so allowed the FastTrack algorithm to offer customised
exercises to each school.

The Benefits

With the help of the system we developed for FastTrack, it managed to reduce soft-tissue injury to as low as 1%!

The exercise programs help reduce the gap between amateurs and elites in sporting communities.

The programs are carefully devised keeping in mind the full range of sporting potential of the people and the equipment available.

The Result

The client was happy with the work and was excited to expand the portal to additional functions and features!

The team had the opportunity to hone their process development and optimisation skills while working on the algorithms and creating the test logic as per client’s requirements. Overall it was a great learning experience for them.

The client continues to update a few tests and features with our help.