5 Reasons Why an Onsite Blog is Essential for Your Website

5 Reasons Why an Onsite Blog is Essential for Your Website

March 7, 2016, 3 Mins Read.

Most people know that blogging is an important part of any considered online marketing plan, but less know exactly why. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for developing and managing an onsite blog, which can help your website become more successful.

1. Improves your visibility in Google

google searchSearch engines love unique, relevant, fresh content. Blogging for your business is the perfect way to get noticed and rewarded for all your hard work. Blog articles enable you to focus on any areas you wish to appear for in search results and help build page rank and increase organic search traffic.

Regular blogging incorporating your business keywords is one of the easiest ways to optimise your website for search engines. If you can commit to writing even a blog article a month, the results are soon going to be there in terms of your Google ranking.

2. Provides a means of engaging with new customers

new customer

If you’re producing quality, enjoyable content, your blog will get noticed, one way or another. Good posts will be shared by people, already reading your blog, with new people who may not know about you yet.

The blog will, in turn, get more exposure for your company and bring new customers in. You will be able to directly interact with anyone who has found your blog article informative or helpful via social media and comments on your blog, encouraging people to engage with your business.

3. Helps to create the brand identity

 brand identityBlog articles are a fantastic way to show your business unique personality. It can not only showcase your products or services but perhaps, more importantly, your customer service. Some of the most successful personal and business brands have a strong personality which shines through in blog posts and on social media.

You can think of this as just another way to get your current and future customers to like and remember your brand above your competition. It’s been proven that buyers respond to people they feel they have some sort of connection with; this is ultimately why ‘being able to sell’ is a unique skill. Your blog gives you a chance to give your business a personality without needing to converse directly with your customers.

4. Shows off your expertise

 expertiseBlogging is the perfect way to demonstrate your understanding and knowledge of your field of business while setting yourself up as an expert in the minds of your customers. Articles can be as broad or in-depth as you like, but providing useful information is key to creating a sense of authority and trust.

Articles that cover various aspects of your business will communicate to your customers that you are a master of your field. This improves the likelihood of them buying from or recommending you to someone else.

5. Keeps visitors on your website for longer

 website visitorUnsurprisingly, there is a strong positive correlation between the average time spent on a website and the performance of the website in terms of the number of conversions. If you can manage to keep a visitor’s interest for a minute or more, the chance that they will become your customer spikes significantly.

While the majority of blog readers are after information rather than necessarily being after a service, attracting these visitors who are keen to spend time reading on your website still boosts your chances by a margin that makes it well worthwhile.

At the same time, casual browsers may see a blog topic on your homepage that grabs their attention, which draws them in and keeps them on the website for that little while longer, and improving the likelihood they would buy.

Website conversions are a numbers game, and the numbers indicate that a well-utilised blog increases the time visitors spend on a website.

The only real catch with blogging is that you have to actually blog; it isn’t your golden ticket to more conversations without any work on your end. A blog is an affordable tool that can be used to significantly improve your website’s ability to attract visitors and the likelihood that these visitors will become customers.

If your business website doesn’t have a blog yet then we strongly encourage you to add one soon. Contact us if you need help with design and manage your business blog.

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