Make your own professional website with drag & drop simplicity.

Build a regular website or an advanced ecommerce store

Putting together your own professional website or functional online store is easy with WebAlive’s DIY website builder. We have been providing affordable DIY website design solutions since 2003 with a set of robust content management systems that give you full control. If you’re looking to build your website or online store, our full range of options makes it convenient and straightforward.

A product category page on a DIY website
Uploaded bags and jackets products on a DIY website

Upload unlimited products or contents

With our DIY platform WebCommander,  you are free to upload as many products or content as you wish on your website. For ecommerce stores, you can save time by entering your product details into an Excel Spreadsheet and uploading them into the system. WebCommander will take care of the rest as it creates products from the information provided. Uploading content that are relevant to your products such as images, videos, description, pricing and others is highly simplified by our user-friendly UI.

Get effective business insights and analytics

Once your DIY website is up-and-running, the WebCommander dashboard provides you with all the information you need to make the right business decisions. You can have access to a host of valuable information from your dashboard, including your best-performing products, the most profitable time of day and website traffic numbers. The visual presentation has been constructed in a way so that you can quickly figure out insights from these data and take action.

Business analytics dashboard of an ecommerce website
A man stands with a shipping box and giving thumb ups

Easily manageable shipping options

Figuring out your shipping can be one of the trickiest parts of setting up an online store. WebCommader’s intuitive system makes it easy to apply shipping rules according to weight, location or any other factor. It’s just a matter of deciding how you want to charge for shipping, apply the rule and let WebCommander worry about the rest! Such simplified shipping options would help convince more of your store visitors to buy from you.

Choose from a variety of professional templates

Choose one from a massive variety of templates that have been put together by our designers. Your chosen template is the foundation on which you can bring your vision to life with ease! We have designs that are particularly suited to specific industries if you’re looking for a model site. Our developer and design teams have developed these themes with business objectives and customer preference in mind. Thus our templates are intuitive and would help engage more of your visitors.

Ecommerce website design templates