5 Best School ID Card Platforms in 2022
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5 Best School ID Card Platforms in 2022

July 19, 2022, 6 Mins Read.

A school ID card is a document that works as a proof of identity for every student. Be it to ensure campus security or to access school activities, library, or cafeteria, having a school ID card is a must.

However, the process of creating a school ID card is not just a simple one. It is a tedious task as there are many steps involved in the process. For example, getting the application form filled up with all the required information, hiring photographers, collecting photos, identifying all information, designing the layout, getting the cards printed, and what not!

And it is the academic institutions that are responsible for providing their students with a proper school ID card. So here comes the necessity of using the best school ID card platform that turns the school ID card-making process easy.

Benefits of using an application for seamless school ID card manufacturing

Not just for the cause that creating student ID cards turns extremely time-consuming, there are many reasons why you should choose to use platforms that let you make the student ID cards effortlessly.

A Cost-effective solution

Using any school ID card platform, you can manage the entire procedure, from clicking pictures to online ordering, just by using your mobile phone and computer. You no longer need to rely on external vendors to create your student’s IDs who can place a financial load on your institution.

Easy to unify all student information

You can easily gather all the student information that is required to fill the student ID card template. Depending on the platforms, the way you upload the data will differ. Such as, you might need to upload the information via spreadsheets or add the information by creating separate classes.

Easy to modify in case of changes

It turns much easier to import and update any card data. Otherwise, while working with external vendors, the time gap generated while raising a change request to get it done is vast. But here, you can update the student profile information at any time.

Variety of ID card templates

You can get access to use the pre-designed templates available for your school. Also, in case you want to go for a unique one, you can get one customised for your school and apply custom colours, logos and layout.

Easy and quick issuance

Easy and quick issuance of new ID cards is possible with school ID card software. You can order online right from your device by selecting the number of cards you need and entering the payment and shipping details. Some platforms even come with the same-day delivery option, whereas some provide a tracker to check the order details and status.

Some of the best school ID card platforms in 2022

Now that you get to know about the benefits let’s discuss the features of some of the best school ID card making platforms in 2022.

1. ID123

ID123 homepage


ID123 is a digital ID solution company that provides a cloud-hosted identity platform to offer digital ID card solutions. With this platform, you can easily make the digital ID cards issued to your high school, college or university students.

Why use ID123?

  • You can customise the card design and apply custom fields, logos, font and background colours.
  • The ID management system lets you create, issue and manage the ID cards remotely.
  • The student ID cards can be sent via email to students individually or in bulk.
  • Students can perform in-app photo submission by taking and uploading their photos.
  • It lets you send in-app messages to the cardholders.


Id 123 has 6 pricing editions, ‘Premium 50’ ($200 per year), ‘Premium 100’ ($350 per year), ‘Premium 250’ ($750 per year), ‘Premium 500’ ($1250 per year), ‘Premium 1000’ ($2000 per year), and ‘Premium 5000’ ($7500 per year).

2. Chamera

Chamera homepage


Chamera is another popular ID card platform that offers a complete online solution. Be it to take student ID pictures, manage the information or distribute the ID cards, you can get all the solutions in one platform. Chamera enables you to turn the complex process of creating ID cards effortless from start to finish with its simple, powerful, secure solution.

Why use Chamera?

  • Chamera’s digital student ID app lets you embrace digital IDs, which are more accessible and flexible to students.
  • No need to hire professionals to click; your students can take their photos and make in-app photo submissions through Chamera’s mobile app.
  • The integrated AI photo editing tool allows you to add background and edit photos as per your choice.
  • Students can save their ID card to both Apple Wallet and Google Pay to experiment with the smooth, contactless experience.
  • Whether to enable secure campus transactions or check the classes and events, Chamera provides barcode facilities to your generation Z students.


Unlike other ID card platforms, Chamera is an entirely free platform. All you require to do is to sign up for free to activate the outstanding features and get your IDs printed.

3. InstantCard

InstantCard homepage


InstantCard, with its emerging cloud-based technologies, ensures to provide the service of creating photo ID cards with less hassle. The cloud-based service works with any web-enabled device. Also, the system works with any sized order, no matter for one student or 10,000 students.

Why use InstantCard?

  • The professional designers of InstantCard can create an Id card template for free, or you can upload your own design.
  • You can upload all student information via a spreadsheet which will automatically enter into the student ID template.
  • You will get your ID badges shipped the same day using your preferred delivery method.
  • You can also distribute your student’s ID online using its individual card ordering system.


The printing cost of InstantCard differs based on the number of members. $7.80 for 1-500 people, $6.70 for 500-1000 people, $5.80 for 1000-2000 people and for 2000+, users need to contact them.

4. ID waiter

ID waiter homepage


ID waiter is an easy-to-use, affordable ID card management software. From design to verification to issuance of ID cards, all tasks are handled professionally within this single platform. By creating an account and downloading the app, you can capture and input any data anywhere.

Why use ID waiter?

  • Using the ID waiter’s app, you can get your students to submit their ID photos and all required data.
  • You can make a unique QR code and place it on your badge design, which can be scanned using the built-in scanner within the app.
  • The issuance of cards can be done physically- plastic cards, and virtually- directly to the mobile wallet.
  • Using the platform and app, you can maintain communication by sending SMS and pushing notifications to your students at the press of a button.


ID waiter offers 4 pricing packages. It works free for 200+ members. The other three plans, ‘Basic’, ‘Advance’ and ‘Pro’, cost $12.95, $29.95 and $39.95 accordingly.

5. Easyidcard

Easyidcard homepage


Easyidcard provides comprehensive ID card printing services while eliminating the necessity to purchase costly equipment and software for photo ID card production. From homeschool to K-12 school districts to colleges, the user-friendly online creator provides a cost-effective ID badge solution for any educational institution.

Why use Easyidcard?

  • Alongside student ID, you can create IDs for teachers, school staff, and visitors as well.
  • The pre-designed are fast and super easy to customise, which you can submit for printing within minutes.
  • A variety of fasteners such as clips, breakaway lanyards, and magnets can also be selected during check out.
  • You can track transaction details through the tracking number.


Users need to pay $12 per card for single-side printing.

Wrapping Up

So if you are in search of a school ID card platform, then the mentioned list can help. With the help of these, at least you can focus on your institution’s activities instead of scratching your head over the ID card-making process. All you will be required to do is a few clicks to come up with professional school ID card designs and get them delivered.

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