The 10 Best Event Ticketing Platforms of 2022

The 10 Best Event Ticketing Platforms of 2022

June 29, 2022, 12 Mins Read.

The event industry has now grown into a global platform. Managing any sort of event from beginning to end is no small feat. And selling tickets is one of the most crucial steps in the event planning process. Thus, smart planning and organising is needed when selling tickets online to a broad audience and to deliver a seamless experience to the attendees.

This is where a powerful integrated online event ticketing platform comes in that makes the whole process much more manageable.

What is an event ticketing platform?

Quite simply, an event ticketing platform is what allows one to sell tickets online on the website 24/7. Also, a ticketing platform can help an organiser collect payments, track customers’ data or host an event. Creating multiple ticket types with custom interaction, keeping track of registrations, gathering attendee details, and setting up payment gateways can all be done using a powerful all-in-one ticketing system. In other words, it provides one with everything needed to run any event successfully on one central platform.

No wonder planners from all sectors rely on this ticketing solution to organise successful events, and its market has grown so much that it is expected to reach USD 94.92 billion by 2027!

How does event ticketing software work?

Though the same process does not apply to all ticketing software, they all share the steps and features outlined below.

  • The organiser creates the event by providing all necessary data, including name, title, feature images, date and description.
  • It allows organisers to select the price, type as well as the number of tickets they want to keep available for the attendees.
  • The software also allows setting up coupons and discounts along with the deadline.
  • Once the organiser sets up ticketing, the software provides a marketing automation facility to reach a broader audience.
  • It allows customers to purchase tickets and complete the payment process using the integrated payment system.
  • The system integrates with other essential tools that offer smart reporting and analytics.
  • Some software even come with their own built-in video conferencing platforms, which organisers use to host the event.

What are the benefits of event ticketing software?

Depending on the ticketing system, there can be many benefits. These include:

Smooth registration process: Event-goers these days expect a smooth online experience with clear and transparent communication. E-ticketing solutions offer them a flawless registration and ticket purchase experience. Setting customised event page is not complicated. The integrated system works 24/7. And the easy to use registration form builder allows communication of important information with attendees in advance.

Managing an event with ease: From registration to promotion to post-event management, a ticketing platform provides all the features one needs to manage an event like a pro. One can efficiently run promotional campaigns, check-in attendees by scanning the QR code, measure ROI, automatically send out targeted follow up emails and gather detailed during and after event insight.

Dashboard full of analytical information: In the ticketing dashboard, one gets a complete overview of sales status and visitor details. From the details of who bought the tickets to how many tickets have been sold per category, one can gather any crucial data necessary to fine-tune the event. No waiting until or after the event is needed for this data.

Secure payment: With a reliable event ticketing platform, receiving payments becomes effortless. It provides one with services of reliable payment gateways like PayPal, Secure pay, and Stripe to receive online payment. So one does not have to be concerned about PCI security or collecting sensitive customer documents.

How to choose the best event ticketing software?

When selecting a platform, how can one be sure that the chosen software has everything one needs? One can simply shortlist the must-have features of the ticketing platform. Common features include:

User experience: Making sure that the platform chosen is simple and user friendly. It is wise to do a test run and consider the workflow process. Speed is one of the crucial factors because if the software takes much time to run, there is a huge possibility that the potential buyers would get the wrong impression.

Promotional support: Does the ticketing software offer email campaign service? Does it allow organisers to run social media promotional campaigns to promote and sell tickets? A reliable platform holds the capacity to promote an event.

Mobile-friendliness: Mobile-friendliness is an additional feature that with the availability of a scanning app, allows access of the dashboard via mobile phone. It is important to check how easy it would be for the attendees to complete a purchase using mobile devices.

Cost of the ticketing system: This is one of the main concerns expressed by organisers. Some systems offer free service for free events; some charge per ticket, while some cut an annual or monthly fee. The number of features and quality of services can be compared to determine which platform is cost-effective.

Data and insights: Some ticketing software offer built-in analytical tools that provide analytical knowledge about the event and attendees’ activities on-demand that help make insightful decisions with no delay.

List of top 10 best event ticketing platforms for all businesses in 2022

Here, we have put together some of the well-known ticketing platforms. Look at your options and pick the one that works best for you.

1. Eventbrite


Eventbrite homepage

Eventbrite is a leading event management and growth platform that makes it effortless to sell tickets online. It comes with all the necessary tools that a planner needs. From individuals to organisations to businesses, anyone can use it and thrive.

Key benefits:

  • It allows you to create multiple types of tickets.
  • You can reach your ideal audience with Eventbrite boost that includes social media ads, email marketing, automated multi-event ads and more.
  • Using the QR codes provided by Eventbrite, you can drive customer satisfaction while enhancing your attendee’s experience.
  • The organiser’s app allows you to sell tickets on the spot.
  • Through the audience report and insight, you can track and evaluate your sales in real-time.
  • You can host utilising the integration with Zoom, Facebook Live, YouTube and more.


The platform is free to use for free events. However, the ‘Professional’ package costs (3.5% + $1.59) whilst the ‘Premium’ one comes with custom features.

2. EventBookings


EventBookings homepage

EventBookings is a well-known ticketing platform in the market today. The powerful online ticketing software ensures a seamless experience when it comes to selling tickets along with promoting, managing or live streaming any sort of event.

Key benefits:

  • EventBookings includes a clean layout where you can make your own customisable event details page.
  • You can create multiple ticket types, from single to group ticketing and customise the availability and price of the tickets as per your choices.
  • You also get the option to provide discounts and coupons, including early-bird ticketing, to boost your ticket sales.
  • You can reach a larger customer utilising the marketing automation feature.
  • EventBookings provides the facility to live stream events in just 3 easy steps using the built-in video conferencing platform.
  • EventBookings is fully mobile optimised, and as an organiser, you can use the iOS and Android app to manage and monitor your event.
  • Through your event and organisation dashboard, you can track every insight of your event.


For free events, the fully-featured platform is completely free. And for paid ones, EventBookings cut a fee of 2% + 30 cents per ticket.

3. Ticketleap


Ticketleap homepage

If you are looking for an online ticketing software to set up and manage tickets of any businesses at ease, Ticketleap could be an ideal option. The convenient and user friendly platform can assist you with managing your event from beginning to end giving a wide range of features.

Key benefits:

  • You can design your own event page, adding a logo, tagline and images.
  • The embeddable buttons and widgets allow your customers to purchase tickets directly from your website.
  • With plenty of payment options, Ticketleap ensures secure and easy payment.
  • You can apply for FastPay to receive funds from ticket sales prior to your event day.
  • From pre to post-event reporting, you can collect all reports on board.
  • The platform ensures 100% free refunds to the attendees if something unexpected happens.


Ticketing fee of Ticketleap is just ($1 + 2%) of the ticket price, and credit card processor fee is only 3%.

4. Ticketbooth


Ticketbooth homepage

Ticketbooth is a renowned platform with over 40 years of industry experience. Whether you are expecting 100 or 100k participants, Ticketbooth can cover events of every size and type while delivering a superb experience.

Key benefits:

  • From onsite ticket sales through closing, Ticketbooth provides you with complete control of your ticket sales.
  • Partnering with Ticketbooth, you will gain access to a comprehensive marketing toolkit and reach new audiences.
  • You can manage your event in real-time using any device, be it mobile, desktop or tablet.
  • Ticketbooth automate comes with a set of tools, including task management, alerts and more.
  • Utilizing the ticket scanning and other live event management solution of Ticketbooth, you can provide an optimal solution to your customers.
  • The customisable reporting tools empower your marketing and event strategies.


The pricing depends on the number of tickets you sell annually, event types and the number of services you want to use.

5. TryBooking


TryBooking homepage

TryBooking is one of the most affordable ticketing platforms, trusted by organisations worldwide. From associations to charities, schools to theatres, TryBooking covers a variety of industries to sell tickets online.

Key benefits:

  • With no subscription or lock-in contracts, all you need to do is to sign up for free to create an event.
  • You can get your event promoted for free while putting your event in the spotlight of TryBooking’s ticket pages.
  • To sell more tickets, you can use a variety of incentives, including early bird, VIPs, staff ticketing etc.
  • From allocated seating to registration and selling merchandise, you can design your event as per your choices.
  • You can bring your fundraisers online with TryBooking and collect donations.
  • TryBooking’s built-in referral reports allow you to track your sales and revenue.


There are no fees for the free event. Attendees need to pay 50 cents/ticket for paid ones, and the organiser pays 2.5% processing fee.

6. Ticketebo


Ticketebo homepage

Ticketebo is another popular event ticketing software supplying fully automated online ticketing services. The e-ticketing solution covers all your ticketing needs, be it for small community events or for the largest festivals and expos.

Key benefits:

  • Ticketebo event pages are easy to customise with images, logos and texts.
  • You can manage the entry processing using the iPhone/Android/iPad scan in/out application.
  • Ticketebo’s integration with some latest social media tools makes it easy for you to spread the word about your event.
  • Ticketebo will give back a 10% donation of all booking fees if you run a charity event.
  • The certified and encrypted payment procedure ensures ultimate safety and security.


Ticketebo charge a booking fee of 3.85% (incl. GST) of the ticket transaction value, with a minimum booking fee per transaction of $1 (Inc. GST).

7. Eventzilla


Eventzilla homepage

Eventzilla is one effortless all-in-one ticketing platform that offers a complete suite of industry-based solutions. No matter whether you are arranging an in-person, hybrid or virtual event, the platform will automate and simplify the management process.

Key benefits:

  • Using the built-in email marketing template, you can promote your event and boost attendance.
  • Eventzilla offers a seamless and secure checkout experience.
  • The multi-track schedule builder of Eventzilla works great to publish rich-speaker profiles and customise each session.
  • Eventzilla lets you streamline all the hybrid event tasks in a single platform if you want to host a hybrid event.
  • The platform presents a custom report feature to help you leverage your event data.
  • The Eventzilla mobile app allows your participants to access any of your event details and participate in event-related activities.


The platform is free for free events. And the ‘Basic’ plan costs $1.50 per registration, ‘Pro’ plan costs 1.9% + $1.5 per registration and the ‘Plus’ plan costs 2.9% + $1.5 per registration.

8. Ticketbud


Ticketbud homepage

Ticketbud is another seamless ticketing platform that is mainly considered powerful and flexible for large festivals and events. The software provides a range of customisable and while-label solutions, which make throwing events much easier and more profitable.

Key benefits:

  • You can build your custom branded website in minutes.
  • The powerful link tracking allows you to track the efficiency of your ads, page traffic and more.
  • Ticketbud offers mobile Point of Sale equipment for offline sales.
  • The Facebook Pixel integration turns it easier to promote your event on the largest social media platform.
  • Ticketbud integrates with a leading payment processing solution that provides you with the flexibility for faster payouts.


The pricing plan of Ticketbud includes two plans for paid events, ‘Ticketing Fee’ (2% + 0.99 cents per ticket) and ‘Payment Processor Fee’ (2.9%).

9. Eventbee


Eventbee homepage

The web-based event management platform lets organisers sell tickets online with less effort and cost. This robust platform works on a single mission: to maximise ticket sales while offering the best technology in a flat-fee pricing model.

Key benefits:

  • With Eventbee, you can offer single or multiple ticket types.
  • You get the complete customisation option on your event page, registration form and confirmation email contents.
  • Eventbee has a WordPress Tickets Widget plugin that helps you to easily integrate ticket selling with a few simple steps.
  • The event manager app for android lets you perform attendee and management tasks such as easy attendee search or offline checking.
  • Eventbee’s integration with streaming platforms like Zoom or Google Meetings lets you go virtual with your event with a few clicks.


Eventbee has four simple tiers, Basic ($1.50), Pro ($2), Advanced ($3.50) and Business ($4.50).

10. Ticketmaster


Ticketmaster homepage

Ticketmaster is one of the world’s largest ticket marketplace that includes events of music, sport, art, theatre and more. Its modern approach to ticketing technology is what keeps the platform as a trusted ticketing partner by thousands of clients.

Key benefits:

  • You will gain easy access to global distribution channels with some of the world’s most significant partners.
  • The digital-first fan support system works as your always-on partner to reach your audiences.
  • The platform offers you support in every stage of ticketing.
  • You can provide reliable refunds to your attendees if your event is cancelled.
  • Ticketmaster’s platform and product solution provide you with access to the best tools for live programs.


Depending on the number of tickets to be sold, the fees are determined in collaboration with the clients.


These are some of the platforms that will allow you to effectively sell tickets for your event. So considering all the factors pick the right ticketing software that will ease your planning process from beginning to end and can be a game-changer.

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